The woman at the well knew the pain of a lifetime of rejection.

She was thirsty for acceptance and love but saw no hope of ever experiencing it.  She was labeled.  She couldn’t escape who she was.  Then one day she met Jesus, and their meeting wasn’t by chance.  Jesus had been waiting for her.

Jesus not only knew when this woman would be coming to the well, He knew everything about her.  He knew about every hurt, wound and rejection she had ever experienced.  He knew she was thirsty and that He could offer living water – forgiveness from her past, a love that would heal her emotional scars, and a new life with new purpose that could start immediately.

That’s a drink that refreshes.

Jesus knows everything about you as well.

On the cross He felt every wound, hurt, rejection and sin that’s been done against you, and that you have done to others.  And now He’s waiting for you to come to the well of His life and drink His living water.   (from The Seven I Ams of Jesus, page 17)

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Feel free to respond to what you’re learning about Jesus, who revealed himself to the woman at the well by saying “I Am He,” meaning that He was God in the flesh.  You can share how this “I AM” touches your life in some way, or simply share some of your faith journey.  Also, feel free to respond to the comments of others.

2 Responses to “I AM He”

  1. Chuck says:

    I loved seeing the transformation of this woman. She comes to the well with an empty pot and an empty heart but she leaves filled up with Living Water. Thank you Lord Jesus that you have quenched my thirst as well. I pray for all those in my neighborhood that are thirsty and need their souls quenched in your Living Water.

    I’m thirsty now, I’m going to go get a drink of water.
    Have an awesome day!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I have been a follower of Christ since high school, many decades ago, and am not plagued by a sordid past like the woman at the well, but I am oppressed by one thing: my own passivity. I have been standing on the outskirts of town, watching my marriage of 25 years crumble.
    In the past, my reaction would be to pursue change, striving to be a better wife and mother, to be more in control of my anger, to be more “Christian-like.” I couldn’t do it; I can’t do it.
    As I work through the Seven I Ams of Jesus and the Holy Spirit speaks to me, I realize I have been pursuing the wrong thing. I have been seeking changed behavior instead of thirsting for the Living water. Today I pray for God to grow in me a desire for Him, a belief in His fulfillment, rest and comfort, for I know only He satisfies.

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