I AM the Bread of Life

Hungry for more

The crowd had just experienced the feeding of the 5,000 the day before, and now they were hungry for more.  The miracle was great, but that was yesterday.  “Show us something else.”  “Wow us again.”  “Moses provided manna every day for forty years.  Can you top that?”

Never satisfied

In the same way, we always want just a little bit more.  “Just a little bit more” and we will be satisfied.  “Just a little bit more” and we will obtain that elusive thing called fulfillment.  It all leads to a life of selfish, and often self-destructive, striving.

At best, we end up filling our lives with stuff, yest we still never feel full-filled.  Is it possible that we are looking to the wrong things for fulfillment?  Is it possible that the fulfillment we hunger for comes from a different source?

I AM the Bread of Life

The crowd wanted more bread.  They had seen the physical miracle but missed the spiritual truth.  When Jesus said, “I am the bread of life,” He was saying that fulfillment has a spiritual, not a physical source.  We are full-filled only when we are filled by the presence of Jesus.

(Excerpt from The Seven I AMs of Jesus, page 45)

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Feel free to respond to what you’re learning about Jesus, the Bread of Life.  How does He fill your hungers?  How does He bring fulfillment to your life?

You can share how this I AM touches your life in some way, or you can share some of your faith journey with us.  Also, feel free to respond to the comments of others.

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  1. Steve and Nanette Lindner says:

    This study and devotional were the catalyst for Nanette and I to begin reading God’s Word every night again. We have been very “hit and miss” in reading God’s Word together the past few months. But this study has been wonderful for us. We now have 11 nights in a row of Nanette reading the scriptures out loud and me reading the devotional and testimony out loud. We then discuss the questions at the end of each day. It has been a huge blessing and drawn us closer to one another and especially to God. We plan on using this as the launching pad to be much more consistent in reading and discussing God’s Word every night for the rest of our lives! I thank God for the gifts and talents he has given Phil and Linda in writing this book. To God be the glory!

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