I AM the Good Shepherd

What would a week without fear and anxiety be like?

How about a day?  How about an hour?  Some of us would be ecstatic for just ten minutes free from fear and anxiety.  Oh, how we desire the feeling of being secure.

Security is what Jesus brings us.

He is both the “good shepherd” and “the door” (shepherds sometimes acted as doors, sleeping across the opening of the sheep pen at night).  Both images are pictures of security.

We are secure because the Good Shepherd owns us, knows us by name, cares for us, and lays down His life for us.  But it’s not enough to know these things.  In order to feel secure, we need to trust the Shepherd, and that can only be accomplished by spending time with the Shepherd.

(Excerpt from The Seven I AMs of Jesus, page 101)

Please share your thoughts, comments, and stories below.

We’d love to hear what you’re discovering about Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  How does He give you security?  How does His presence bring peace to replace your fear?

Feel free to share how this I AM statement touches your life in some way, or simply share a piece of your faith story with us.  And please feel free to respond to the comments of others.

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