I AM the Way, Truth, & Life

You may have a “way” you’re following, but you’re still lost if it’s the wrong way.

Some people try to go the way of business success.  Others choose popularity.  Some are hedonists.

In seeking spiritual truth, people also pursue different ways.   Some try various religious paths.  Others live as practical atheists.  Most end up asking, “is this all there is?”

Jesus declares another way, a true way that leads to life.

This way is surprising because it’s not a cause or a profession.  It’s a person – Jesus.  When we are focused on Him, we end up finding the way that ignites our passion and gives us purpose and meaning.

But when we focus on trying to find a way through a cause, profession, activity, or religious path other than Jesus, we end up lost.  If you want to find your “sweet spot,” put your energy into following Jesus.  Then pay attention to the leanings of your heart.  That may be Jesus nudging you toward your God-given purpose.

Please share your thoughts, comments, and stories below.

What are you learning about Jesus as THE Way, Truth, and Life?  Share with us how He is helping you find your “sweet spot,” your purpose in life?

Please feel free to share how this I AM statement touches your life in some way, or share a piece of your faith journey with us.  Also, please take a moment and respond to the comments of others that touch your heart in some way.

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